Community Voice

Community Influence Throughout the Siting Process

The County sought input from community members throughout the siting process, which helped to inform the final site selection and procurement.

Early feedback: From May to June 2017, station users and community members provided valuable information about potential areas for the new station. Key takeaways from this outreach period included:

  • Desire for a site location close to the highway that is easily accessible and proximate to the community, but not too close to residential areas.
  • Ensure the new facility can accommodate the growing population in the region.
  • Make the facility easy to use for people of all abilities, with expanded hours at the recycling center, more payment options and more information about what happens to the waste after it enters the facility.

Site feedback: In September 2017, the community provided input on the criteria used to select potential sites. Of twelve criteria, the community ranked floodplain evaluation and current land use as the most important pieces to evaluate when considering a new site.

Kittitas County also asked respondents to provide thoughts on three potential sites: Cement plant, Tjossem Road, and Airport. Based on additional technical review, information from the Federal Aviation Administration and community concerns about interference with airport operations, the Airport site was removed from consideration.

Final site selection: Using input from the community and further technical evaluation, the County identified the US 97/Old Highway 10 site as the preferred location for the new transfer station in August 2018.

Design input on the new station site: After initial permitting is completed, Kittitas County will move into designing the station and will seek community input on various design elements.

Additional Opportunities to Be Involved

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The County has a standing Solid Waste Advisory Committee made up of interested businesses, residents, and other agencies. This committee, called the SWAC, carefully reviews County solid waste plans and projects and provides advice on solid waste issues. SWAC meetings are open to the public.

The SWAC met on May 23rd, at 3:00 p.m., to discuss the first step in the siting process. The community was invited to attend and hear the SWAC's discussions.

Community Briefings

Have a group interested in solid waste and the County's Transfer Station Relocation Project? County staff are available to attend your group's meeting, provide information about the project, and answer your questions. Email the project at to request a briefing for your group.