Community Voice

Community Influence Throughout the Siting Process

The County will be seeking input from community members throughout the siting process, and will share information in many ways to ensure it is accessible and easily understood. Opportunities to give feedback are aligned with the technical process so the project team can consider and incorporate public feedback to the greatest extent possible. You’re always welcome to share your thoughts, and here's an overview of when feedback will be most useful to the team.

  1. Early feedback on siting areas and siting criteria: Station users and community members can provide valuable information about potential areas for the new station. The County seeks the community's hopes and concerns for the new site, and any additional feedback about the project overall. The community is encouraged to provide suggestions for community criteria to include in the evaluation of potential sites. This step aligns with technical step 1 (see Siting Process). This feedback was gathered until June 30, 2017 (view the feedback summary from this comment period).
  2. Review and give feedback on potential sites: Provide feedback on potential sites the project team has selected based on technical and community criteria. The County will share conceptual site layouts and cost estimates of the sites that passed site screening. The County will seek your site preferences, concerns, and any other feedback on the potential sites. This step aligns with technical steps 2 – 5 (see Siting Process). Feedback was gathered from September 13-30, 2017 (view the feedback summary from this comment period). Feedback on the US97/Old Highway 10 site was gathered from January 12 – February 23, 2018, and feedback on the current three potential sites was collected from April 9 – 27, 2018. Please check back soon to view an updated feedback summary, reflecting what we’ve heard through April 2018.
  3. Preferred Site Selection: Using input from the community and further technical evaluation, the County will identify a preferred location for the new transfer station. They will share this preferred site recommendation with the community before it goes to the County Commissioners for final site selection. This step aligns with technical step 6 (see Siting Process). Click here to view our Final Site Selection Report.
  4. County Commissioner Select Site: After reviewing the technical team's work and community input, the commissioners will hold a public hearing before selecting the transfer station site. This step aligns with step 6 (see Siting Process) and concludes the siting process.

Additional Opportunities to Be Involved

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The County has a standing Solid Waste Advisory Committee made up of interested businesses, residents, and other agencies. This committee, called the SWAC, carefully reviews County solid waste plans and projects and provides advice on solid waste issues. SWAC meetings are open to the public.

The SWAC met on May 23rd, at 3:00 p.m., to discuss the first step in the siting process. The community was invited to attend and hear the SWAC's discussions.

Community Briefings

Have a group interested in solid waste and the County's Transfer Station Relocation Project? County staff are available to attend your group's meeting, provide information about the project, and answer your questions. Email the project at to request a briefing for your group.

Stakeholder Interviews

In April 2017, we conducted informal interviews with key stakeholders to better understand:

  • The interests of people in the communities served by the current transfer station
  • How best to involve community members in the siting and construction of the new station
  • Concerns with the existing facility and ways a new facility could be improved

Read the Stakeholder Interview Summary for a summary of what we learned.