New Site

In August 2018, Kittitas County’s Commissioners selected the US 97/Old Highway 10 site for the relocated Transfer Station. Since then, the County has completed Phase 1 of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and purchased the 55-acre site.

An ESA identifies potential or existing contamination liabilities on a piece of property and is important due-diligence to perform before entering into a real estate purchase agreement. If concerns requiring additional study are identified in Phase 1, then further phases are required. The Phase 1 ESA didn’t identify any major concerns, so Kittitas County successfully purchased the US 97/Old Highway 10 site. Read the draft ESA for more information.

A conceptual design of the new site is below, but the location of individual features may evolve as the final design is developed. Please check this website for updates on the design process.

The Public Works department will be taking advantage of the new site by moving its Maintenance Shop to the northeast corner of the site. The current facility is too small and experiences regular flooding from groundwater. Additionally, the area around the existing Maintenance Shop has grown into a residential neighborhood. Moving the Shop to the new transfer station site will relocate the busy activities away from homes and to a more suitable location. The new Maintenance Shop will open in roughly three years.

Conceptual layout of the US 97/Old Highway 10 site

Aerial view of the US 97/Old Highway 10 site