Siting the New Transfer Station

Technical Approach

Kittitas County is doing a step-by-step process to find the best site for the new transfer station. The County is working with a team of consultants and will consult with the community throughout the siting process to ensure that the public's feedback is incorporated into the decision and a location that best meets technical and community criteria is chosen. Click the Community Voice tab to see how the community’s voice will be incorporated into the technical work. 

Siting Process

  1. Identify Siting Areas: Identify potential areas for the new transfer station that show promise for meeting basic requirements, including 100-year floodplains, wetlands, available acreage, etc. 
  2. Identify Potential Sites: Use technical requirements including minimum land acreage, and community values, identify potential sites for consideration. County staff will use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop an overall map showing potential sites, land ownership, zoning, and floodplain information. 
  3. Initial Site Screening: Finalize initial screening criteria, which may include: floodplains, wetlands, county zoning, and regulatory requirements (local, state, and federal). Potential sites identified will be evaluated and screened in accordance with the selected initial screening criteria.
  4. Secondary Site Screening: Finalize secondary screening criteria and establish performance measures. Use the screening criteria and performance measures to prepare an initial ranking of the potential sites that passed the initial screening. A brief description will be developed for each site, initial and secondary siting criteria, and selected performance measure.
  5. Conceptual Layouts and Cost Estimates: Develop conceptual layouts and cost estimates of three shortlisted sites for the transfer building, composting area, scalehouse, household hazardous waste building, and recycling drop-off area. 
  6. Site Selection Report: Finalize ranking of potential sites using the initial and secondary site screening results, conceptual layouts, and cost estimates. Develop a report summarizing results of site selection tasks and the project team's recommendation. Click here to view our Final Site Selection Report. (WE ARE HERE)
  7. County Commission's Decision: Present Site Selection Report to the County Commissioner's office. Commissioner's office reviews the report and makes the final site selection decision.