Why Move the County's Ellensburg Transfer Station?

The existing Ellensburg Transfer Station is being moved from its current location due to three serious challenges.


Located on a floodplain near a creek, the facility is often closed because of customer access issues during significant rainfall or spring runoff events. Flooding also impacts operation of the compost area.

Size constraints (materials)

The main building of the transfer station is approximately 7,500 square feet, with a tipping floor of approximately 6,800 square feet. Based on these size constraints, the facility does not have the capacity to accept any new material types.

Size constraints (customers)

The facility is undersized for the number of customers using it which often results in long queuing times and potentially unsafe conditions within the small unloading and processing areas. Additionally, steady growth is anticipated in Ellensburg, and the transfer station is too small to accommodate more materials or users.

Table 1-1. Kittitas County Population Estimates: 2015 to 2035

Total Estimated Population
YearIntermediate SeriesHigh Series
2015 42,592 47,759
2020 45,255 52,395
2025 47,949 57,065
2030 50,567 61,652
2035 53,032 66,075
% growth (2015 to 2035) 24% 38%
Average % growth 31%


Another issue facing Kittitas County is diminished air quality due to people burning green waste. Upsizing the compost facility would allow the County to accept more green waste and improve our air quality.

The new transfer station will be sized and designed to address these challenges and to handle the long-term needs of Kittitas County.